In the world of investment property financing, finding the right mortgage product can be a daunting task, especially for international borrowers without a U.S. credit history. However, Smart Mortgage is changing the game with its innovative Smart Foreign National DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) program. This unique mortgage option is designed to make the dream of owning investment property in the U.S. a reality for foreign nationals, regardless of their FICO scores or U.S. credit status. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting program and explore how it stands out in the market.

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Program Highlights

1. Minimum DSCR of 1.00: The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a key metric used by lenders to determine a borrower’s ability to cover property expenses with rental income. Smart Mortgage’s program requires a minimum DSCR of 1.00, which means the rental income from the property only needs to equal the mortgage payment, making it an accessible benchmark for many potential investors.

2. Max LTV of 70%: Loan-to-Value (LTV) is another critical factor in mortgage lending, representing the ratio of the loan to the value of the property. With a maximum LTV of 70%, borrowers will need to bring a 30% down payment to the table, striking a balance between borrower commitment and loan security.

3. Loan Amounts up to $1MM: Whether it’s a modest single-family home or a more substantial multi-unit property, Smart Mortgage’s program can accommodate financing needs up to $1 million, offering considerable flexibility for various investment scales.

4. No FICO or U.S. Credit Required: One of the most significant barriers for foreign nationals is the lack of a U.S. credit history. This program removes that hurdle, allowing borrowers to qualify based on the income generated by the property, rather than their personal credit history.

5. 30 & 40 Year Amortization Options: Longer amortization periods reduce the monthly payment burden on borrowers, making it easier to maintain a positive cash flow from rental income. This can be particularly appealing for those looking to maximize their investment returns over time.

6. Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance, and Cash-Out Options: Whether looking to buy a new property, refinance an existing mortgage under more favorable terms, or tap into the equity of an investment, Smart Mortgage provides versatile solutions to meet diverse investor needs.

7. Minimum Loan Amount of $150K: This lower boundary ensures that the program is accessible not only for high-value investments but also for smaller properties that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional financing options.

Why Choose the Smart Foreign National DSCR Program?

This program is ideally suited for international investors who see the potential in U.S. real estate but have found doors closed due to their lack of local credit history. By focusing on the income-producing potential of the property itself, Smart Mortgage aligns the interests of the lender with those of the borrower, creating a win-win situation.

Investing in U.S. real estate can provide diversification, stable returns, and potential capital appreciation, which are all attractive to foreign investors. The Smart Foreign National DSCR program not only simplifies the buying process but also ensures that managing your investment is feasible and financially viable.


Smart Mortgage’s Smart Foreign National DSCR program is a groundbreaking solution for international borrowers aiming to invest in the U.S. real estate market. With its flexible requirements and comprehensive support, this program is unlocking new possibilities and helping investors achieve their property ambitions with ease. If you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio into the U.S., consider how this innovative mortgage option could be the key to your success.

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