The Mortgage Advisor

Do you look at other people’s magnificent homes and get that burning desire to have your own home? Are you already making plans for one? Presumably saving for it? We know how good and fulfilling it is to make your dreams come true, and have a permanent roof bearing your name, over your head. Sometimes saving could take forever before you have enough, but do not worry since there are financing schemes to bail you out. However, getting a mortgage is a major financial decision you can make, therefore it is essential to get it right. The vast range of available home loans in the lending world could be confusing for you, and without the appropriate guidance you might end up making a wrong choice. This is why we are here for you.  Our smart mortgage Advisors we are here to provide the necessary help you might need, guide, and walk with you through the journey to the very end because this is the sole purpose of our existence.

Navigating the Mortgage Market

The mortgage market is very dynamic and highly competitive, making it difficult to understand what exactly is viable and on offer. There are several different lenders and a vast range of mortgage products and rates available in the market. The Smart Mortgage Advisor is your partner and guide. We are a team of experts who are established and well trained to guide you through your home buying or building process. We know that it’s a good idea to talk to your bank, as well as a number of independent mortgage advisors, before making up your mind and that is why we are there to walk with you every step of the way. Our team of experts will take you through the routes to getting a mortgage and help you understand the importance of studying your options before making a decision. Smart Mortgage is also ready to answer all your questions regarding mortgage plans and provide you with the necessary information you may require. We are also there to do all the paperwork and legal work to make it easier for you.

Why you need our mortgage advisors

  • Our mortgage advisors give you the benefit of experience since we live and breathe home and investment loans. We live making the property acquiring dreams of many clients come true.
  • Our mortgage advisors are flexible and are driven by our clients’ interests and schedules, regardless of how odd it could be.
  • Our advisors will do all the groundwork, to evaluate your financial situation and get the most viable home or property loans for you.
  • Our mortgage advisors help you avoid possible mistakes since we are independent, experienced and there for you throughout the entire process.

Getting a mortgage on your own, you might end up being given home loan products which only suit the banks interests. However, with the help of our mortgage advisors you will be able to access multiple home loans from different lenders for you to make an informed choice. Our team is here to link you with the right lenders who will help you: In acquisition or building of your dream home

  • Repair, renovate, and refurbish your current home
  • Get a refinancing for your existing home loan, to give you lower mortgage rates
  • Integrate your credit card debt
  • Acquire auxiliary income in exchange for home equity.
Mortgage Loan Products

There are several types of mortgages that could be confusing especially if you are getting a mortgage for the first time. We, focus on learning and understanding you in depth so as to help you get the most viable mortgage product. Before making a choice it is good to understand the different types of mortgages available and evaluate each. Here are some of the most common mortgage products:

Government Insured Loans These are great for lower-income borrowers who have lower credit scores since they increase their chances of acquiring homeownership. They include:

These are home buyer’s loans which are not offered or secured by government entities. They include:

  • Conforming loans- these are loans with Fixed Rate or Adjustable rates.
  • Non-confirming loans- these do not meet the bank criteria for funding. They include
  • Jumbo loans– have fixed or adjustable-rate
  • Prime and Subprime loans
  • Renovation loans

Looking to apply for a home loan? Whenever you want to apply for any home loan product evaluate the various aspects of your life which can be impacted in one way or another such as your life goals, family, and work. Some of the factors to consider include: Your short term and long term plans for your family, career, other life plans and how the mortgage loan will impact on each.

  • Is the home you want to get in line with your investment goals?
  • Does buying or building the home meet your goals? How much time do you have according to your blueprint?
  • Do you have enough funds to repay the mortgage without affecting your family’s financial well being?
  • What is the value of the home you can comfortably afford?

These self-search questions are meant to help you understand yourself deeper and align with your goals. They will guide you to ensure that you are ready for the mortgage and that you will make an informed decision without regrets. With that, the next step is to look for ideal mortgage plans and that is where we come in. we will help you review your goals and guide you in choosing the best mortgage plan in line with your goal, and ideal for you and your family. Things to look out for and inquire from our advisors in regards to mortgage plan Other than low interest rates there are other factors to consider when choosing a mortgage plan. The factors contribute to the amount payable back. They include: Annual Percentage Rate of Change (APRC). This includes some mortgage charges and the interest rate charged as a percentage.

  • The deposit amount. The higher the deposit made, the lower the interest rate that is likely to be charged.
  • The standard rate which will be applied to your mortgage after the fixed rate is over.
  • The terms of the interest rate charges. Is the interest amount calculated on a daily, monthly or annually basis?
  • How flexible is the mortgage? Can you make over payments without incurring charges or can is it possible to get a payment break?
  • The terms of fixed or variable rate deal. Would you want a long period locked plan or would you want a more flexible plan? If you switch between the two before the expiry of the deal, will you incur charges?

Still not sure if you need to seek help from a Smart Mortgage Advisor? Remember, getting advice instead of doing your own research helps you transfer risks.  If you do not take our advice and decide to rely on your own findings, you will take full responsibility for your decision in case of losses or risks. Call us today for your mortgage needs and let us carry the burden and bear the risks for you.

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