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Tired of Hidden Fees and Deductions?

When it comes to independent Mortgage Brokers, we understand the importance of compensation.  Are you tired of recruiters and job ads offering higher compensation but forgetting to tell you about the hidden deductions.  Nothing worse than getting a check and the dollar amount is hundreds if not thousands of dollars short.  Deductions for credit reports, tech fees, email, LOS, even deductions for running payroll! We make our compensation simple, and the payroll is always right.

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Reputation Matters

Celebrating 26 Years in Business!

Incorporated in 1997, today Smart Mortgage Centers holds one of the lowest recorded license numbers on record that is still open (MB0004870) in Illinois.  You can easily wow your clients with our 5 star reviews, A BBB ratings and 12 years of complaint free awards. 

“Smart has been paying out big commissions with 30 – 40 lender options and low rates for 26 years.  Regulations have changed so much and my respect for every Mortgage Broker has increased 10-fold!  I truly respect the knowledge and patience it takes to be a Mortgage Broker during these times.  Regardless of how small the margins get I believe anyone who chooses this profession deserves big payouts.”

President – Richard Birk

Recruit a Licensed MLO and Make Money!
Bring an individual or a team of MLO’s and earn extra MONEY! Our program is simple with monthly payouts on closed loan volume. Recruit a loan officer and make 20 bps on their closed volume as long as they are employed with Smart Mortgage Centers, Inc.  Even if you leave the company as long as they stay you still get paid your monthly residuals on their closed volume. Even better, anyone they hire you earn 5 bps points off of their closed monthly volume.  Keep earning even when you retire!



Contract Processing

Exclusive Login Access to Contract Processing Teams.

What we need to begin:
100% complete 1003
All initial submission docs and 3.4 file (Your processor will email you for these vis secure email)
Our submission Form completed on our website
What you can expect:
We will take your loan from registration and disclosing all the way to closing and submitting the full loan file back to your for your QC. 
We will contact your borrower to chase all conditions 
We will copy you on all communication on your file
We will order title, HOI, condo docs, appraisal, VOE, etc. 
We want to handle the processing of the file so you can go out and get more business
What we need from you:
Lock your loan or extend if necessary
If there are DTI issues, we need to have you instruct how you want to proceed with restructure if needed
Help if your borrower is nonresponsive
Pricing from $850 – $1195.00
Jumbo loans, Second Liens, DPA, HELOC’S, NON QM, USDA, Manual UW
2 week rush additional $200.00 – 3 week rush additional $100.00 




(Sponsorship Required)

New Mortgage Brokers

(Training School is Required)

New to the business? We understand finding a sponsor isn’t easy.  We do sponsor new MLO’s, don’t worry we won’t fire you if you don’t close a minimum amount of loans each month. After sponsorship is obtained, you can go to a training school and or you can join our application/referral program.  The training is done through a Top-Rated Originator school at our discounted rate. Once training school is completed you can immediately earn 180 bps and sign up for our lead program if needed.


Exclusive Leads and Live Transfers

(Program is not Required)

Must be sponsored by Smart Mortgage Centers, Inc. in order to join.

Building relationships with referral sources is an amazing way to generate business. Building those relationships can be hard especially when you’re new or just used to working leads.  One of our specialties is lead generation, for 25 years we have been providing exclusive leads and live transfers to our teams.  Even better our lead system generates full applications with credit authorization. Nothing is better than getting a full application before you even talk to the client.  Exclusive to all of our licensed team members. This program is not required and is available for those looking for more business.  

Exclusive Leads are Never Shared and State Specific.

Complete Applications with Social Security Number and Credit Authorization.

2 Amazing Pay Plans to Pick From!

Professional (CRM) Included with the latest Technology – Including Power Dialer, Live Connect, Auto Text & Email Campaigns.

Highest Ranked Online SEO Rankings for Mortgage Brokers across the Nation!

Live Transfers Right to your Cell Phone!

(Sponsorship Required)

List of Our Lenders

New Lenders can be added in 24 – 48 Hours!

Access to Lender Help and Scenarios Through our Private Facebook Group.

Private Login for our Exclusive Lender Portal with A.E Access.

Rocket Pro Pinnacle Partner! Access to Better Rates and Exclusive Networks of Leads.

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