Recruit a Licensed MLO and Make Money!
Bring an individual or a team of MLO’s and earn extra MONEY! Our program is simple with monthly payouts on closed loan volume. Recruit a loan officer and make 20 bps on their closed volume as long as they are employed with Smart Mortgage Centers, Inc.  Even if you leave the company as long as they stay you still get paid your monthly residuals on their closed volume. Even better, anyone they hire you earn 5 basis points off of their closed monthly volume.  Keep earning even when you retire!

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What is Residual Income?

The rich have a MONEYMAKER that delivers money regularly with minimal work involved. Examples: Investments- Insurance Renewable s—Business Income from Systems Running Themselves—Recurring memberships—Point of Sale Software License Fees.

Smart Mortgage Centers, Inc can give you your own EASY MONEYMAKER, an opportunity to build lifetime residual income, earning income off every licensed MLO you bring on board.  Even better every licensed MLO they bring on you continue to earn even more money! 



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